Informations for our foreign customers

28 septembre 2019

Boa Thaï is a unique Thai Massage Salon on Tours that offers a new approach to relaxation, well-being and relaxation.

It also offers an alternative to traditional Western medicines and our masseuses are all graduates of Bangkok’s famous Wat Pho School.

The diploma awarded is recognized by the Thai Ministry of Health as therapeutic utility, which is what we claim to offer you beyond relaxation.

Boa Thaï, which means « the Lotus Flower », is aimed at a clientele who is dissatisfied with the classic modeling and rituals offered at the beauty center, who have very few physical and psychic actions.

Created 9 years ago by Jasmine and Cyril, the show has become a reference in the central and Parisian region for the quality of its services.

With 7000 customers, Boa Thaï is today a place of relaxation and well-being on Tours!

So take the time and let yourself go ….